061715-RiceK-0138_5x7-2I’m a Jersey girl living in a Maryland world. I grew up in Jersey, went to a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts and ended up getting my first job back in my home state.  As fate would have it I met my husband at that job and years later when he had a professional opportunity we traded the Jersey Shore for the Maryland Countryside.

In addition to my husband, the afore mentioned “we” includes my daughter and our dog. When I’m not working or running around with my daughter I try to exercise, like to read and love to travel. The national parks and Disney are my favorite places to visit and the best trips are the ones where I’ve done and seen so much that I come back feeling like I need a vacation to recover!

I’m also a huge sports fan. I grew up going to Jets games with my dad, married a Colts fan and enjoy spending Sundays at home cooking and watching football. My real passion though is hockey. I was fortunate enough to play at the collegiate level and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my New York Rangers.